Around 130 million people speak Japanese; it is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. Outside Japan itself, there may be as many as 5 million people who speak Japanese with some degree of fluency – predominantly descendants of Japanese emigrants in Hawaii, Brazil, and other parts of the Americas. It is a […]

The Best Things To Do in Takayama

Hida-Takayama is best known for the preserved Edo period (1603-1868) section of town known as ‘Sannomachi’, and for Hida Folf Village, its feudal age village. The town and its culture, as they exist today, took shape at the end of the 16th century

The Best Things to Do in Tokyo 東京

Tokyo is the brash somewhat dazzling frontline of any visit to Japan. The list of things to do in the capital is not quite endless but it’s close to. Here is a list that should cover a couple of days of The Best Things to Do in Tokyo:

The Best Things To Do in Hiroshima

Thanks very much for visiting my site. Laadies and gentlemeeen…everyone…allow me… to introduce the BEST…THINGS… TO DO… in my town…Hiroshima…ta tata tata ta taaaaa! I think most people agree that Hiroshima is one of the absolute must-visit destinations in Japan. There are two main attractions in Hiroshima, but there are also lesser-known experiences/places in and […]

Best Things To Eat In Hiroshima – Restaurant Near Me

Following is a series of blogs that I hope will prove helpful information for visitors. – You Can Tours Japan So you’ve had a wonderful day exploring Hiroshima. Peace Memorial Park, its monuments, memorials, artifacts hall, and the museum. It’s a full day on its own but if you’ve only planned one day and you […]