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Hugh Cann

Hello and welcome to my site!
I’m so glad you’re interested in visiting Japan and experiencing its culture, mystique, and its hospitality. And thanks very much for your interest in You Can Tours Japan.

I have worked as a small group tour leader and guide in Japan since 2006 and I have a more than thirty-five-year history with Japan, 23 years of that as a resident. From the get-go I immersed myself in the nation’s life, becoming fluent in Japanese and delving into traditional culture, particularly the elegant martial discipline of Aikido along with Japanese brush calligraphy, the quick draw sword style of Iaido, and a deeper personal experience in Zen Buddhist teachings.

After a  decade and a half residency here I took my family back to Australia in 2000 to see to my three sons’ education and where I worked in a range of fields: English language and Japanese language teaching,  tourism, interspersed with stints as a Japanese content consultant and interpreter in film and TV production and, as a Japanese language tour guide and Guest Relations Ambassador at Sydney Opera House. 

Returning to Japan in 2015, I loved working full-time as a small group tour leader in metropolitan and throughout regional Japan but wanted time for my other interests, so in 2019 I went independent – and now I concentrate on providing fun (see what others have to say about my tours) and interesting guided tours, mostly in and around Hiroshima but also curating fully independent tours.

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