The Best Things To Do in Kanazawa

Thanks to its remote location Kanazawa, throughout its history, has avoided damage from many disasters such as war which happily has left much of the architecture and culture intact. It’s known for not only well-preserved Edo-era districts, art museums, and regional handicrafts, and most well known as home to the stunningly beautiful Kenroku-en Garden but also as a city of high culture.

The Best Things to Do in Tokyo 東京

Tokyo is the brash somewhat dazzling frontline of any visit to Japan. The list of things to do in the capital is not quite endless but it’s close to. Here is a list that should cover a couple of days of The Best Things to Do in Tokyo:

The Best Places to Visit in Japan!

Japan is a country of finely developed esthetic, cultural tradition that like a good wine seems to improve with time.tradition, but also its on the cutting edge of technology. In the next couple of weeks look forward to my coming post The Best Places to Visit in Japan. Lots of great information COMING SOON!! Or […]