Hiroshima: Modern History and Sake Tasting Tour


Peace Memorial Park + Sake Brewery District 8 hours

Stepping into Hiroshima’s modern history at Peace Memorial Park, we will explore the modern history of Hiroshima focusing on the events of and surrounding 6 August, 1945; and after enjoy a scrumptious Hiroshima style lunch prepared before your eyes then take  a lovely train ride through the countryside to cap the day with sake tasting experiences as we take a relaxed stroll through the ancient brewery district, one of the top three Japanese sake districts in Japan.



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We will head straight to Central Hiroshima stopping first at “ground zero” and continuing nearby to the Atomic Bomb Dome and onward with the guided tour through the park and its monuments to the Peace Memorial Museum, sharing the history and facts working our way towards the Peace Memorial Museum; from where we’ll go for lunch.

For lunch?  There are a number of options available I like to offer but I really recommend Hiroshima soul food: the oh-so-scrumptious Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki  – you may have tried okonomiyaki in Osaka or elsewhere – no comparison to this elegant layered savoury pancake packed full of flavour. 

 Hiroshima is famed for its own particular version of okonomiyaki, or perhaps you’d prefer other regular Japanese fares.  But let’s work out what option appeals best on the day.

After lunch, we head east by train where our tasting tour begins with an interesting video giving you a good understanding of the process of sake brewing and then our first tasting.

From there we will take a stroll through the nearby historic streets of the “sakagura” (brewery area), going from brewery to brewery to enjoy samples of exquisite local sake. 

Please note:  This tour doesn’t provide in-person observation of the sake-brewing process at working brewing facilities among the breweries we visit.  This is unavailable to the public for sanitation and safety reasons. Sake Breweries are dangerous places: wet floors, high platforms, heavy machinery, and brewery workers hurriedly running around. There is also the possibility of contamination of the rice wine. Sake brewing is a delicate process, and bacteria brought in on the shoes or clothes of visitors could easily result in the entire batch literally going down the drain. Because of these conditions, we will view great information and displays detailing how sake is made and of course, visit the rustic tasting and display rooms at actual breweries 

***If you are arriving for a day trip from Kyoto or Osaka, I will be happy to recommend your best inbound train schedule and make your return bookings.

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** This tour requires a minimum number of 2 participants 

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Peace Memorial Park + Sake Brewery District 8 hours