Hiroshima: Modern History and Sake Tasting Tour

From: ¥15,000.00

  • guide fee
  • three drinks (to a total of ¥1500 p.p.)
  • Entries (Peace Memorial Museum -¥200)
  • transit fares
  • lunch
Estimated Cash Needed
  • fares ¥1500
  • lunch ¥800 – ¥1200



Stepping into Hiroshima’s modern history at Peace Memorial Park, we will explore the modern history of Hiroshima focusing on the events of and surrounding 6 August, 1945; after enjoying a scrumptious Hiroshima-style lunch prepared before your eyes then take a lovely train ride through the countryside to cap the day with sake tasting experiences as we take a relaxed stroll through the ancient brewery district, one of the top three Japanese sake districts in Japan.


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